Does Xiao Yao Wan Have Side Effects?

Gina, one of my best friends, bought 5 bottles Xiao Yao Wan from Amazon last week. She asked me whether Xiao Yao Wan or Xiao Yao San has any side effects.

About Xiao Yao Wan side effects

Xiao Yao Wan is one of the nutritious Chinese patent medicines, these drugs generally do not have side effects, or have fewer side effects than western medicines. So far, no side effect of this medicine has been found, there is no problem when taken as prescribed by a doctor.

But there are still several issues you should pay attention to Xiao Yao Wan:
1. Should not take it when having a cold.
2. Should not take the drug during the period of menorrhagia.
3. DO NOT take Xiaoyao Wan when its traits have changed.
4. If you are taking other medicines, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using Xiao Yao Wan.